The Black River Astronomical Society

Using the BRAS Calendar

Click on a given event to display more info, such as time, location, maps, cancellations, etc. Cancelled observing events should be shown in red.

Scroll backward and forward through the calendar with your mouse wheel, touchpad, or the navigation slider bar on the right of the calendar window. Use the left/right arrows in the upper left to jump forward and backward in the calendar. The "Today" button in the upper left takes you to the current date.

Switch to a weekly or monthly view by clicking on those tabs in the upper right.

Clicking on the icon to the left of "Print" in the upper right should produce a .pdf file suitable for printing or take you to a screen to customize your printing layout.

Add the BRAS calendar to your own computer calendar by adding the following source to your own local computer calendaring program.
Google BRAS Calendar

A list of compatible calendar programs is on